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Biophysics of the Cell – Lecture Notes

LECTURE PLAN: Physics of the Cell


16. Oct: Introduction (slides) (hand notes)
Structure of eucaryotic cells, organelles, transport, 
chemistry of lipids, hydrophobic interaction, self-organisation, critical micelle concentration,

Lipid Membranes

23. Oct: Lipid membranes I (slides) (hand notes) (further reading)
Lyotropic phase transitions, membranes permeability, lipid diffusion

30. Oct: Lipid membranes II (slides) (hand notes) (further reading)(further reading II)
membrane-continuum models, bending elasticity, vesicle shapes, membrane fluctuations

6. Nov: Lipid membranes III (slides)(hand notes)(further reading)
Thermotropic lipid phase transition, lipid mixtures, substrate supported model systems


13. Nov: Photosynthesis I (slides)(handnotes)(further reading [German])

20. Nov: Photosynthesis II (slides)(handnotes)(further reading [English])
Bacteriorhodopsin, LHC

Nerve cells

27. Nov: Nerve cells I (slides)(handnotes)(further reading [English])
Resting potential, Action potential, Cable equation

4. Dec: Nerve cells II (slides)(slides2)(handnotes)(further reading [German])
Fitzhugh, VanderPool, Ion Channels, Synapses, Neuronal Systems (diseases?), brain

Cell migration

11. Dec: Cytoskeleton (slides1)(slides2)(further reading [German])

18. Dec: Physics of Cell Migration I (slides1)(handnotes) (slides2)
mesenchymal vs amoeboid migration, actin polymerization, force exertion (tractions) and contraction, adhesion and prestress

8. Jan: Talk block I

15. Jan: Talk block II

22. Jan: Physics of Cell Migration II
chemotaxis, haptotaxis, durotaxis, examples from the human body (wound healing, morphogenesis, cancerogenesis)

29. Jan: (Exam)

5. Feb: Physics of gene delivery