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T_M1/TV: Quantum Mechanics II – News

  • For those who are interested, a seminar on the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics will take place this semester. It will be supervised by Profs. Peter Mayr and Ivo Sachs. For all details please contact Frederik.Lauf@physik.uni-muenchen.de.
  • Due to unbalanced levels of attendance, the tutorial group 5, which has been on Friday 14-16 c.t. in A248, will be moved to Wednesday 12-14 c.t. in H U123 in Schellingstrasse. People attending in particular the strongly frequented tutorials early in the week may consider switching to group 5 as an alternative. People from group 5 who wish to keep attending a tutorial on Friday afternoon are kindly requested to change to group 6, which meets on Friday 14-16 c.t. in C111 in Theresienstrasse. Due to the holiday on November 1, this change will take place in the week of November 6 for the first time.
  • For your information, the exams of 2017 can be found here and here (access restriction is the same as for the central tutorial solutions).  Please notice that the selection of topics last year was slightly different from the current one.