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TVI/TMP-TA4: Condensed Matter Field Theory – Lecture notes

Weeks Topics References
1 Field theory, path integrals Altland/Simons Ch. 3
2 + 3 Instantons Instantons
4 Linear response, correlation functions, QM vs QFT Altland/Simons Ch.7, Lecture notes 09.11
5 Functional field integral, coherent states Altland/Simons Ch.4 / p. 157-169, Coherent states
6 Perturbation theory, Fermi liquid Altland/Simons Ch. 5.2, Fermi Liquid Tsvelik
7 Mean-field theory, Plasma theory of interacting electron gas Altland/Simons Ch. 6.1, Ch. 6.2
8 Superconductivity Reminder on SC, Altland/Simons Ch. 6.4 - Ginzburg Landau Theory
9 Spontaneous symmetry breaking, superconductivity ctd.  Altland/Simons pages 257-261,  Ch. 6.4 - Action of the Goldstone mode
10  Beyond the Fermi liquid picture, Tomonaga-Luttinger model  Tomonaga-Luttinger model 
11 Bosonization and the Luttinger liquid theory Bosonization and the Luttinger liquid theory, further lecture notes will be uploaded soon, see also updated list of literature