Fakultät für Physik




Charge transport and spin physics of high mobility organic semiconductors

Prof. Henning Sirringhaus, University of Cambridge

Datum:  07.12.2018 um 15:30 Uhr

Ort: Kleiner Physik-Hörsaal N 020, Fakultät für Physik

Over recent years several new classes of conjugated polymer and small molecule organic semiconductors have shown promise as materials for organic field-effect transistors. Many of these recently discovered high mobility conjugated polymers, in particular donor-acceptor copolymers, are characterised by a puzzling lack of pronounced crystalline order, while the best molecular semiconductors are highly crystalline but exhibit strong electron-phonon coupling. In this presentation I will present our current understanding of the charge transport and spin physics of these materials and of the reasons why these van-der-Waals bonded materials can exhibit such high carrier mobilities. I will also give an introduction to some of the applications in large-area flexible sensors and active-matrix addressing of flexible liquid crystal and OLED displays.