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The Next Generation B-Factory Experiment Belle II

Prof. Thomas Kuhr (LMU München)

Datum:  07.05.2015 16:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr

Ort: Seminar room 127 (Physics Department TUM, Physik II, ground floor/north)

The standard model of particle physics describes the measurements so far remarkaly well, but it is known that physics beyond the standard model must exist, for example to explain the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the universe today. A promising way to search for new particles or forces are high-precision measurements. New physics particles could enter in quantum loops and lead to a deviation from the standard model prediction.

Currently, the Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB accelerator at KEK in Tsukuba, Japan, is under construction and will collect a data sample that is 50 times larger than the one of its predecessor, Belle, which recorded the world's largest dataset of Y(4s) events so far. This will allow to search for new physics in many processes with unprecedented precision. The physics potential of Belle II and the status of the detector construction will be presented.

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