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Relics from the Big Bang

Dr. Daniel Baumann (University of Cambridge, UK)

Datum:  11.07.2016 17:15 Uhr – 18:30 Uhr

Ort: Hörsaal H 030, Fakultät für Physik der LMU, Schellingstraße 4, München

Observations of the cosmos using light are restricted to the time after the formation of the first atoms, 380,000 years after the Big Bang. To learn about earlier times requires either theoretical extrapolations, or the detection of new particles that can travel through the primordial plasma unhindered. In this talk, I will describe how the detection of gravitons and neutrinos would allow us look back at the earliest moments in the history of the universe. I will discuss what observations of these relics can teach us about the physics of the early universe.

Student event: Meet the speaker
We invite you to a student-only discussion-round with Dr. Daniel Baumann before his Munich Physics Colloquium talk.
Be curious and feel free to ask any question.
Monday, 11 July 2016, 16:00 h
Room H537 (top floor), Fakultät für Physik der LMU, Schellingstraße 4, München
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