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Seminar and Journal Club: Biophysics and Cell Dynamics – Overview

  • Overview


Subsecond reorganization of the actin network in cell motility and chemotaxis
Stefan Diez et al. (2005) PNAS 102, 21, 7601-7606
Dynamic Actin Patterns and Arp2/3 Assembly at the Substrated-Attached Surface of motile cells
Till Brettschneider et al. (2004) Curr. Biol. 14, 1-10


Motility and substratum adhesion of Dictyostelium wild-type and cytoskeletal mutant cells:
A study by RICM/bright-field double-view image analysis
Igor Weber et al. (1995) J. Cell Sci. 108, 1519-1530


Cell-Substrate Interactions and Locomotion of Dictyostelium Wild-Type and Mutants Defective in Three Cytoskeletal Proteins:
A study Using Quantitative Reflection Interference Contrast Microscopy
Mathias Schindl et al. (1995) Biophys. J. 68 1177-1190


Kinesin an Dynein Move a Peroxisome in Vivo: A Tug-of-War or Coordinated Movement?
Comert Kural et al. Science 308, 1469 (2005)


Tug-of-war as a cooperative mechanism for bidirectional cargo transport by molecular motors
Melanie Müller et al. PNAS 105 4609-4614 (2008)


Analysis of transient behavior in complex trajectories:Application to secretory vesicle dynamics
Sebastian Huet et al. Biophys. J. 91 3542-3559 (2006)


Cellular Responses to Substrate Topography: Role of Myosin II and Focal Adhesion Kinase
Morgo T. Frey et al. Biophys. Soc. 90 3774-3782 (2006)


The EGF receptor: a nexus for trafficking and signaling
Graham Carpenter BioEssays 22.8:697-707 (2000)


Visualization of Vesicle Transport Along and Between Distinct Pathways in Neurites of Living Cells
Gerhard J. Schütz et al. Microscopy Research and Technique 63:159-167 (2004)


Tubular-Vesicular Transformation in the Contractile Vacuole System of Dictyostelium
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Endosome Fusion and Microtubule-Based Dynamics in the Earlys Endocytic Pathway of Dictyostelium
Margaret Clark et al. Traffic 2002; 3: 791-800