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T6 Mesoscopic Physics (SoSe 2010) – Lecture


Lecture Notes

Date Notes Subject  
23.04.10 pdf Introduction, Conductance quantization
27.04.10 pdf Scattering Matrix
30.04.10 pdf Scattering in Operator Formalism
pdf Introduction to Second Quantization: Chapter 2.1, A. Altland and B. Simon, "Condensed Matter Field Theory" (2006).
pdf Appendix C. Second Quantization: M. P. Marder, "Condensed Matter Physics" (2000).
04.05.10 pdf Electron counting statistics I
07.05.10 pdf Electron counting statistics II
pdf Multi-terminal circuits I
11.05.10 pdf Multi-terminal circuits II
14.05.10 pdf Quantum Inteference
18.05.10 pdf Time-dependent transport: Tien-Gordon effect; adiabatic pumping
28.05.10 pdf Andreev scattering I
01.06.10 pdf Basic elements of BCS-theory: mean field approach
02.06.10 pdf Andreev scattering II: Andreev bound states, Josephson effect
08.06.10 pdf Andreev scattering III: SQUID, multiple Andreev reflections
11.06.10 pdf Spin-dependent scattering
15.06.10 pdf Coulomb blockade I: Charging Energy
16.06.10 pdf Coulomb blockade II: Single-electron tunneling
22.06.10 pdf Cotunneling
25.06.10 pdf Cotunneling rate (notes by Qiang Qian)
29.06.10 pdf Qantization of Cooper pair box
02.07.10 pdf Cooper pair box: Charging regime, Josephson regime
06.07.10 pdf Quantum Information Processing Primer
09.07.10 pdf Quantum Manipulation: Rotating Wave Approximation
13.07.10 pdf Quantum Dots
16.07.10 pdf Double quantum dot singlet-triplet qubit (Petta, Science, 2005 )
20.07.10 pdf Kondo Model
23.07.10 pdf Anderson Model - transport through quantum dots in Kondo regime