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Lunch Seminar: Soft Matter and Biophysics – Übersicht

  • Übersicht


Each Tuesday at 12:00
Seminar Room N110 (Schellingstrasse)

For speaker suggestions, please contact Tim Liedl and Ulrich Gerland.

  • Di, 20.04.2010
  • Di, 27.4.2010
    Prof. Thorsten Mascher (LMU)
    Bacterial Stress Responses: Signaling Modules and Regulatory Networks
  • Di, 04.05.2010
    Mikko Alava (Helsinki University)
    How Materials Creep
  • Di, 11.05.2010
    Prof. Robert Endres (Imperial College London)
  • Di, 18.05.2010
    Prof. Ben Fabry (Uni Nürnberg/Erlangen)
    Cell Migration in 3D
  • Di, 25.05.2010
    Vorlesungsfrei (Pfingstdienstag)
  • Di, 01.06.2010
    Prof. Alfredo Alexander-Katz
    Self-assembled Swimmers and Walkers
  • Di, 8.6.2010
    Dr. Tobias Reichenbach (Rockefeller University)
    Physics of Hearing
  • Di, 15.6.2010
    Dr. Johannes Soeding (LMU)
    Protein sequence searches and the origin of protein domains
  • Di, 22.06.2010
    Gerhard Schmid (Uni Augsburg)
    Diffusive Transport in Confined Geometries
  • Di, 29.06.2010
    Dominik Kauert (TU Dresden)
    Mechanical Properties of DNA Origami Structures
  • Di, 6.7.2010
    Prof. Bettina Lotsch (LMU)
    Functional nanostructures with potential for sensing and energy conversion
  • Di, 13.07.2010
    Elena Agliari
    Statistical physics approach to immune idiotypic networks
  • Di, 20.07.2010
    Claudia Schmidt (ETH Zürich)
    Molecular shuttles powered by motor proteins: loading and unloading stations for nanocargo integrated into one device
  • Di, 27.07.2010 - special lunch seminar
    Helmut Strey (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
    Electrostatically self-assembled biomaterials