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Seminar: Quantum phenomena in nanostructures – Schedule and Topics

Seminar schedule:


22.04.2010 & 29.4.2010: Preparatory meeting and discussion of topics

1. Nanomechanical systems:

06.5.2010: Casimir effect: Forces from vacuum fluctuations (Thomas Bilitewski)

13.5.2010: (Christi Himmelfahrt)

20.5.2010: Quantization of the thermal conductance (Dominik Gangkofner)

                 Photonic crystals: Semiconductors of light (Christoph Menge)

27.5.2010: Optomechanical back-action: Cooling with light

                    part 1: Optical cavities & their mechanical coupling (Matthias Mader)

                    part 2: Microwave optomechanics on a chip (Sandra Diefenbach)

03.6.2010: (Fonleichnam)

10.6.2010: The quantum-nanomechanical resonator (Matthias Hauck)

2. Optoelectronics & photonics with nanostructures:

17.6.2010: Single photon sources (Christian Ecke)

                 Metamaterials: Artificial crystals from nanostructures (Martin Schmidberger)

24.6.2010: Plasmonics: Interface for photonics & electronics? (Jonathan Brons)

3. Mesoscopic transport in nanostructures & spintronics:

01.7.2010: The giant magnetoresistance effect (GMR) and magnetic memory (Jens Repp)

08.7.2010: Aharonov-Bohm effect in nanostructures (Christian Bourjav)

15.7.2010: Graphene: Relativistic Dirac fermions in a nanostructure (Sophia Steinmüller)

22.7.2010: Quantum information processing: Quantum dots as quantum bits (Maximilian Seitner)

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