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Seminar: Evolutionary Dynamics of Biological Systems – News

Special seminar on evolutionary game theory

A special seminar on evolutionary game theory will be held by Anatolij Gelimson on July 19th, 14.00 hrs at room 449. Don't miss it.

A special guest in the seminar on Tuesday, June 8th

Next Tuesday, June 8th, Prof. Arezki Boudaoud, ENS Lyon, will visit us and give a special seminar at 14:15 in room 348/49. Arezki Boudaoud works on diverse topics in the fields of self-organization, packing and crumpling. His recent work focusses on the growth and development of plants.
Prof. Arezki Boudaoud's website

Next talks on June 1st

The next talks will be held by Sebastian Gude on "Biological Switches" and Alexander Mirsky on "Evolutionary dynamics of grammar acquisition" next Tuesday, June 1 at 14:00 in room A349.

First talk of the seminar

The first talk of the seminar will be held by Dominik Thalmeier on "Dynamics of coupled oscillators: A tool for analysing stabilization mechanisms of spatial population dynamics" next Tuesday, May 4 at 14:00 in room A349.
Afterwards, a short discussion with the other participants will take place.