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LabView and Femlab for (Bio)Physicists – Übersicht

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Programming in LabView and Simulating in Femlab for (Bio)Physicists

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Zeit und Ort

Friday 12.15 - 13.45, Kleiner Physikhörsaal (N020)

We offer a hands-on course on programming in biophysical (and other) experiment setups with Labview. The second half will introduce to the intricacies of finite element calculations of partial differential equations using Femlab. Course is a "Schlüsselqualifikation" without mark or test, but can be also treated in special cases as Seminar. Value: 3CP. Lecture within the Biophysics Program of the Physics Master

-------- Please bring your own Notebook! ---------

6.5.. Introduction.
Installation of Labview, Useful Preferences, the first program

13.5. AutoIndexing, For-Loops, Shift Registers, Array Operators, Stack example (großer Physikhörsaal, loading and saving)

20.5. First Clusters, Runge Kutta / Cash-Karp, Arrays and Shift Registers (programs)

27.5. Nonlinear Fitting with Levenberg-Marquardt (Gaussian Fitting demo)

3.6. 2D Gauss Fitting, Error calculation, Saving Controls, SubVIs, Calling Fileindexes (2D Fit Algorithm)

10.6. Function Generator, CIN Example, Errors from fit, Local Variables, Progression bars, Variation of Parameters, Multidimensional Integration (Code examples)

17.6. Femlab, first steps: Wind channel (Trouble shooting the graphics adaptor, Windtunnel)

24.6. Hardware: Analog input, output, Digital input, output (with Hubert Krammer, VIs)

1.7.  Stokes Drag of a sphere, Thermal conductivity (Kugel im Fluss)

8.7. Femlab: Navier Stokes and Diffusion (Kugel triggering convection and thermophoresis)

15.7. Femlab: Convection and Thermophoresis Time Dependent,
Acoustics of a Room, Conducting Copper, Quantum Mechanics, Hydrogen Atom

22.7. Femlab: Acoustics Examples and House insulation (Window example)

29.7. Oral Exam for Candidates needing a mark

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