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Studien der Quanten-Chromo-Dynamik mit Collider-Experimenten
Studies of Quantum-Chromo-Dynamics with Collider Experiments – Übersicht

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Wahlpflichtvorlesung im Masterstudium

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Di+Do, 8:30-10:00, Hörsaal H206

  • Introduction: Standardmodell and QCD,
  • Introduction: Collider Experiments,
  • Quark model of Hadrons,
  • Colour Charge and QCD,
  • Discovery of Gluons and Gluon Spin,
  • Renormalization and Asymptotic Freedom,
  • Perturbative QCD and Coupling constant alpha_S,
  • Three-Gluon-Coupling and Colour Factors of QCD,
  • Quark masses, quark flavour depedences and Quark-Gluon Differences,
  • Fragmentation, Hadronization, String effekt, Hadron Production,
  • Fragmentation and Structure Function and Evolution Equation,
  • Proton- and Photon-Structure Function,
  • Non-perturbative QCD,
  • open Questions on QCD.
  • general particle physics books:
    • Perkins: Introduction to High Energy Physics (Addison Wesley)
    • Griffith: Introduction to Elementary Particles (Wiley&Sons)
    • Halzen, Martin: Quarks & Leptons (Wiley&Sons)
  • specialized books on QCD:
    • Dissertori, Knowles, Schmelling: Quantum Chromodynamics (Oxford University Press)
    • Ellis, Stirling, Webber: QCD and Collider Physics (Cambridge University Press)
    • Lenz u. andere: Lectures on QCD (Springer)
    • Dokshitzer, Khoze, Mueller, Troyan: Basics of Perturbative QCD (Editions Frontieres)
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Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Prof. Dr. Otmar Biebel