Fakultät für Physik




Computational Physics – C++ Course


Tuesday, 18:00-20:00, c.t.
Theresienstrasse 37 (A), room A 450


can be found on Nina's homepage

Seminar presentations

  • June 28: Structured I/O, Team: Franz_West (Anger,Hartmann,Mueller)
  • July 5: Tensor class, Team: Brugnuolo, Jordan
  • July 12(a): Timer routines, Team: Codemonkeys
  • July 12(b): Laser fields, Team: drop_table
  • July 19: Wave function class, Team: "name-of-our-team" (Handrek,Lehmann, Ziehbart)

Please prepare for the first C++ course

The course will require on-hands work in C++. If at all possible, please, bring your own laptop. You should have on it a C++ compiler. The course will use the GNU gcc compiler, if you have a different one and know how to use it, your are welcome. Support will only be for gcc.

C++ compiler

gcc is standard part of any linux distribution, for my knowledge it is also part of Mac. Free gcc for Windows can be downloaded here


As a standard editor we will use emacs. If you prefer different editors, the same applies as for using a different compiler. Emacs binaries can be found here