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Seminar on Organic Electronics – Aktuelles

talks online

The pdf-files of the introduction to the topics of the seminar talks (May 5th) and the first talk (May 12th) are online now. These files can be downloaded from the Literatur menue using your LMU login name and password (Campus-Kennung).

The literature used during the lecture "Organic Electronics" can still be found and downloaded in the archive (Archiv -> Wintersemester 2010/2011 -> Master/Diplom Physik).

schedule online

The schedule of the seminar talks and dates including the names of the speakers and respective supervising tutors is online now. To find the list at the bottom of the page "Übersicht", please scroll down!

preliminary discussion on May 5th

At the first meeting on Thursday May the 5th, the different topics of the students talks will be introduced and the speakers will be selected. Please make sure to attend this first meeting in order to obtain a slot for a talk.

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