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Seminar on Strategies of Evolution – Übersicht

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Friday 10.15-11.45, Room Seminarraum Gaub (Amalienstr. 54, 1. Stock)

The basics processes of Darwinian evolution are replication, mutation and selection. However, what are the crucial boundary conditions and possible strategies of evolution? We want to give a guide through the rather complex recent literature, also in the light of  recent experimental and theoretical studies.

Contact for Talks:
Natan Osterman (natan.osterman@lmu.de)
Christof Mast (christof.mast@physik.lmu.de)
Phone 2180 1484

Topics include:

  • Emergence of Cooperation
  • Game-theoretical considerations
  • Nash equilibrium and Evolutionary Stable strategies
  • The role of diffusion and stochasticity
  • Mapping Evolution to Jarczynski relations
  • Connections to Econophysics

All papers-PDFs as ZIP


13.5. The edge of neutral evolution in social dilemmas (#1) (Felix Starck)

20.5. Thermal Trap for DNA Replication (#2) (Franz Englbrecht)

27.5. Origin of the genetic code based on tRNA structure (#3) (Richard Penn)

3.6. Rapid Construction of Empirical RNA Fitness Landscapes (#4) (Christian Schwall)

10.6. Snowdrift game dynamics and facultative cheating in yeast (#5) (Georg Urtel)

17.6. A slowly evolving host moves first in symbiotic interactions (#6) (Manuel Wickmann)

24.6. No Seminar

1.7. Limited Memory and the Essentiality of Money (#13) (Nicolas Lenner)

8.7. Invasiveness of prostate cancer cells in a 3D landscape (#7) (Antje Birkner)

15.7. Redistribution of Competing Bacteria Under Starvation Conditions (#9) (Peter Wagner)

22.7. Fitness flux and ubiquity of adaptive evolution (#10) (Johannes Frohnmayer)

29.7. Non-equilibrium dynamics of selection and adaptation (#12) (Alexander Mirsky (?), alternativ Erik Gawehn)Possible other Topic

Evolution of yeast transcription factor binding sites (#11)

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