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T_M1 / TV: Advanced Statistical Physics (Statistical Physics II) – Exercises

Exercise sheets

Exercise Groups

The people who signed up for the excercises have been assigned their exercise groups.

  • Monday 8-10 (A 249): Christopher Bock
  • Monday 16-18 (A 348) Johannes Knebel
  • Thursday 8-10 (A 249) Cornelius Weig
  • Thursday 14-16 (A 450) Matthias Rank
  • Friday 8-10 (A 348) mixed

Central Exercise:

  • Wednesday 14:00 (st) - 16:00 (A348/9)

Explicitly, we want to suggest to hand in calculated solutions in order to prepare optimal for the exam. You find a labelled container on the third floor, opposite of the elevator, and adjacent to the lecture room. Please hand in your solutions for the exercises (not for the tutorials!) every week till Monday 12 o'clock, the week after the particular problem sheet was put online.

Your solutions are corrected by your tutor and evaluated: A= correctly solved, B= good try and just minor mistakes, and C=wrong/main part is not solved correctly. There will a bonus system by which you can improve your grade of the final exam up to 0.6. Tentatively, we plan to assign a bonus of 0.3 for at least half of the exercises evaluated by B, and 0.6 for at least half of the exercises evaluated by A.

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