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Lecture: Lipid membranes physics – Übersicht

Lipid membranes and organic thin films
(Master / Diplom)

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Zeit und Ort

Do 16-17:30 Uhr, N110 (Altbau Physik)
written examn: Do 26. July, 16 Uhr

Lipid membrane

From the three main players in cells - lipids, DNA-RNA, and proteins - lipids are the ones structuring the interface of the cells with the outside world. Today, we envision the cell membrane as a giant switchboard where molecular signals from the outside world are transduced to the inside and vice versa. Moreover, cell-cell contacts, which are crucial for tissue formation and the immune system, rely on the formation of sub micron adhesion domains which form and decay in the cell membrane.

To understand these rather complex phenomena, we will first introduce the physical principles for the self-assembly of lipids into larger structures such as bilayer sheets or vesicles. Here, it is instructive to compare lipid membranes with other organic films such as molecular films and self assembled mono layers (SAMs). Another characteristic feature of lipid structures is that they behave in many aspects like a 2D liquid, thus models for self diffusion will be discussed. Then, interaction models of lipid membranes with proteins will be formulated in terms of a physical interaction model.

In the lecture, we aim for a balanced discussion of physical concepts, experimental methods and examples from biology. 


  • Ole G. Moritsen
    Life - as a matter of fat. The emerging science of lipidomics
  • Jacob Israelachvili
    Intermolecular & surface forces
  • Erich Sackmann
    Einführung in die Biophysik
    web-page: http://www.biophy.de/




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