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Seminar: Organic Electronics – News

The seminar takes place on Monday, June 18th, 8:45am - 7:00pm
Place : CeNS seminar room (H522) at Schellingstr. 4, 5th floor

Schedule: each talk is 30 min of presentation and 10 min discussion.

  8:45 opening and general remarks

  9:00   Anita Ladenburg                       Imaging of molecular orbitals
  9:45   Pablo de la Torre Rodriguez     Ambipolar transistors
10:30   Jonathan Noe                           E-skin

Pause (15 min)

11:30   Marcus Götz                             OFET sensing
12:15   Lorenz Keil                               Enzymatic sensors

Lunch break (60 min)

14:00   Tobias Gutmann                     Stimulation of cells by ion conductors
14:45   Clemens  Liewald                   Solar cells
15:30   Patrick Urban                          OLEDS 

Pause (15 min)

16:30   Florian Ehrat                          OLED displays
17:15   Maximilian Högner                  E-Ink, E-Books
18:00   Lars Kleemeier                       Biodegradable semiconductors

Please prepare your talks as pdf files on a USB stick and copy the files on the PC in the seminar room in the break before your talk. The room will be open from 8:30 am. Additionally, you can also provide a power point file or use your own laptop, but please have the pdf ready as backup. Please make sure in advance that your talk is in time (30 min + plus discussion).

We will ask you to fill in a feedback form for each speaker in order to provide an individual (anonymous) feedback for every participant of the seminar. The anonymous evaluation is optional and will not have any influence on your mark.
Additionally, we might offer the opportunity to record your talk with a camera. In case you want to be recorded, please bring a USB stick with sufficient memory capacity (>500MB).