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Seminar: Physics of Evolution – Übersicht

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As minimal conditions for the emergence of an evolutionary dynamics, the three processes replication, mutation, and selection are needed. How can such an evolutionary dynamics emerge spontaneously with molecules under non-equilibrium conditions? Besides this main interest, we will also focus on game theoretical topics and related biophysical questions.

Informationen zur Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort

Mi 12.15-13.45
Schellingstr. 4 - HU123

How do I find and access papers?
- Login via VPN to gain full text access (most of the time...)
- Search papers with data base Web of Science (with VPN), Pubmed.org or Scholar.google.com

Paper list (to be completed): [ZIP-File with most fulltext pdfs here (V3)]:
(1) Traulsen, Evolution of Cooperation on Stochastic Dynamical Networks
(2) Traulsen, Universality of weak selection
(3) Thornton, Evolution of increased complexity in a molecular machine
(4) Travisano, Experimental evolution of multicellularity
(5) Kishony, Structure and Evolution of Streptomyces Interaction Networks in Soil and In Silico
(6) Goldenfeld, Collective evolution and the genetic code
(7) Goldenfeld, Genome rhetoric and the emergence of compositional bias
(8) Traulsen, Evolutionary games in the multiverse
(9) Koonin, Division of Labor
(10) Hauert, Social learning promotes institutions for governing the commons
(11) Yarus: Getting Past the RNA World: The Initial Darwinian Ancestor
(11b) Yarus: The meaning of a minuscule ribozyme
(12) Yarus: Multiple translational products from a five-nucleotide ribozyme
(14) Knight: RNA–Amino Acid Binding: A Stereochemical Era for the Genetic Code
(15) di Mauro: RNA Polymerization with cGMP alone

Dates, Presenters and Topic of the Seminar:
18.4. Initial meeting (at 10.15, otherwise 12.15)
25.4. Leiss, Topic 1
2.5. Winkler, Topic 5
9.5. Röttger,Ginglseder, Topic 10
16.5. Zupancic, Thomas Zettl, Topic 3
23.5. Weber, Pils, Topic 8
30.5. Jonas Denk, Antonia Kakoschke, Topic 2
6.6. Benedikt Bronk, Christoph Schreiber, Topic 4
13.6. Matthias Zorn, Lohmeyer Topic 9
20.6. Franziska Kriegel, Vetter, Topic 6
27.6. Johannes Ruhl + Dario Brack, Topic 11
4.7. Nicholas Stocker, Nikolaus Neuerburg, Topic 12
11.7. Christoph Hitz, Bettina Raum, Topic 15
18.7. Matthias Hiermaier, Panajotis Livadas, Topic 14

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