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T_M1 / TV: Advanced Statistical Physics (Statistical Physics II) – Materials

Lecture Notes

This page contains handwritten notes as well as typed lecture notes. Please note that their contents are not identical, since the typed notes may contain additional material and the order in which different topics are presented might differ as well. 

Hand-written notes and Keynote slides:


Typed (LaTeX) notes:

These notes will almost certainly contain misprints. Please send corrections, comments or questions to Jonas Denk, Silke Bergeler or Erwin Frey.

Suggested reading material

Here are some suggestions for further reading. The material you find in the books and articles listed below covers some of the material presented in the lecture. You will also find there additional information beyond what is discussed in the lecture notes.

Statistical Mechanics of Biopolymers

  • M. Doi, Introduction to Polymer Physics (chapter 1)
  • M. Rubinstein and R.H. Colby, Polymer Physics (chapter 1 - 3)
  • M. Doi and S.F. Edwards, The Theory of Polymer Dynamics (chapter 1 - 2)
  • E. Frey, Physikalische Fragestellungen aus der Zellbiologie, Physikalische Blätter 57 (2001) 2, 63
  • E. Frey, Physics in Cell Biology: On the physics of Biopolymers and Molecular Motors, ChemPhysChem 3, 270 (2002)
  • Mechanics of DNA

Field Theory and Critical Phenomena

  • F. Schwabl, Statistical Physics (chapter 7)
  • Mehran Kardar, Statistical Physics of Fields
  • P.M. Chaikin and T.C. Lubensky, Principles of Condesed Matter Physics
  • J. Cardy, Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics
  • J.M. Yeomans, Statistical Mechanics of Phase Transistions

Functional Derivatives

Liquid Crystals

Onsager Theory