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TVI/TMP-TB2: QCD and Standard Model – Overview


About the lecture

Time and place

Thursday 14:00-17:00, Theresienstr. 37 (A) - A 348

The lecture gives an introduction into the Standard Model and an overview of various aspects of electro-weak and strong interactions. Some important phenomenological applications will also be discussed. We shall use the quantum field theoretic methods, including the Feynman diagrams, as well as some effective field theoretic concepts.

The exam has been corrected and the exam review will take place on Thursday the 24th of July in A348 (Theresienstr. 37) at 15:00.

The results of the exam are now online.

Topic overview:

  • Symmetry groups and representations
  • Proca and Stueckelberg fields
  • Nambu-Goldstone Theorem and SSB
  • Weyl spinors and Majorana fermions
  • Renormalization procedure
  • Introduction to effective field theory
  • CMK-matrix and mixings
  • SM Lagrangian and Higgs-mechanism
  • Anomalies in QFT
  • and much more

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Alexis Kassiteridis; Mischa Panchenko