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TVI/TMP-TD4: Black Holes and Instantons – Overview


About the lecture

Time and place

Tue 10:15 - 11:45 am in A249 &
Thu 10:15 - 11:45 am in A249

Mon 2:15 - 3:45 pm in A450 (Antonin Rovai)



Basics in General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory



The focus of the course will be on black holes. Preliminary list of topics:

  • Schwarzschild black hole
  • Black holes with Mathematica (How to install Mathematica on your computer)
  • Reissner-Nordström black hole
  • Kerr-Newman black hole
  • Black hole thermodynamics, entropy, Hawking radiation
  • Black holes with AdS asymptotics
  • Black holes in other than 4 dimensions, in supergravity and string theory
  • Black hole microstate counting in string theory
  • Instantons and solitons



Black hholes:

  • Blau: Lecture Notes on General Relativity
  • Birrell, Davies: Quantum fields in curved space
  • Carroll: Spacetime and geometry (based on Lecture notes on General Relativity)
  • Frolov, Novikov: Black hole physics
  • Hartle: Gravity (mathematica notebooks)
  • Hobson, Efstathiou, Lasenby: General Relativity
  • Misner, Thorne, Wheeler: Gravitation
  • Mukhanov, Winitzki: Introduction to Quantum Effects in Gravity
  • Taylor, Wheeler: Black Holes
  • Thorne: Black Holes and Time Warps
  • Townsend: Black holes
  • Wald: General Relativity
  • Wald: Quantum Field Theory in curved spacetime and black hole thermodynamics

 Further reading and watching (black holes in higher dimensions and in string theory):


Further reading:



The exam will take place on Thursday, July 24, 1.00-4.00pm, in room A450.

In case, you can not take part in this exam, there will be a second exam on Tuesday, September 30, 1.00-4.00pm, again in room A450. You are free to choose which of the two exams you are taking, but you have to choose one of them. I.e. if you take part in the first exam it will also count for the final mark.

Please bring your passport and student ID. No auxiliary material is allowed during the exam.