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T_M1/TV: Advanced Statistical Physics (Statistical Physics II) – Overview


About the lecture

Time and place

Monday 10-12 c.t., Theresienstr. 39 (B), B052
Friday 10-12 c.t., Theresienstr. 39 (B), B052

Second Exam


Mo, Sept 29th, 2pm - 5pm


C123 (Theresienstrasse) - first letter of surname A-J

B138 (Theresienstrasse) - first letter of surname K-S

B005 (Theresienstrasse) - first letter of surname T-Z

Same rules as for the first exam.

You can have a look on your exam Tuesday, Oct 7th, 1 pm to 2pm, Room A410. It's also possible to have a look on the first exam on that day. Results and grade scale for the second exam can be found in the exercise section.



July 18th, 1pm - 4pm


B005 (Theresienstrasse) - first letter of surname A-J

B006 (Theresienstrasse) - first letter of surname K-R

E021 (Ludwigstrasse 25) - first letter of surname S-Z

You can bring one handwritten DINA4 sheet with formulae (front and backside) and a book of mathematical formulae. You must bring a student ID and regular ID.

There will be problems oriented along the problem sheets and the script. There will also be one problem that poses questions on important physical concepts taught in the lecture: the questions in this problem should then be answered with short written notes, a short calculation, or a drawing.

Results are found in the exercise sheets section. You can have a look on your exam on Aug, 7th, 10 am to 12 am, Room A450, Theresienstr. 37. The grading scheme was as follows: 19 points are necessary to pass (get a 4.0), from then upwards in steps of 3 points (therefore, for a 3.7, you need 22 points,  for a 1.0, you need 46 points). If you don't find your matricula number on the results sheet, probably we couldn't read it properly. In this case please write an email to a.wolf@lmu.de .


To receive a certificate of your lecture course, please fill out the template with your personal data and either give it to the examiner when taking your examination or submit the form to the secretary's office (Cordula Weber, Theresienstr. 37 (A) A408, office hours: Mondays to Thursdays from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm).