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Biophysics of Macromolecules – Tutorial

TUTORIALS: Biophysics of Macromolecules (Übungen zur Vorlesung)

List of TED talks (optional 5 min talks)
Dates for the 5 min Biophysics "TED TALKS": July 1 and July 3 (as back up)
In case you want to change the topic send e-mail to raedler@lmu.de

Problem sets:

Handed out       Hand in by    Solutions
Problem set 1 [PDF] April 8 April 15

Solutions PS1 [PDF]

Rahman, Phys Rev (1964) [PDF]

Matlab code Problem 3
[Text, save as .m file for matlab] 

Problem set 2 [PDF]
Richardson review article [PDF]

April 15 April 24       Solutions PS2 [PDF] (for Problem 3, see various renderings in Lecture 4)
Problem set 3 [PDF]
Maeda, et al. NAR (2000) [PDF]
Data from Figure 1A of Maeda et al. [Excel file] 
April 29 May 6

Solutions PS3 [PDF]

Matlab code Problem 3
[Text, save as .m file for matlab]

Problem set 4 [PDF]
Corrected version of PS4 [PDF] 
May 13 May 20

Solutions PS4 [PDF]

Matlab code for Debye length calculation
[Text, save as .m file for matlab]

"How Strong Is a Covalent Bond?"
Grandbois, et al. Science (1999) [PDF] 

Problem set 5 [PDF] May 22 June 3 Solutions PS5 [PDF]
Solutions PS5, Problem 3 [PDF] 
Problem set 6 [PDF] June 24 July 8 Solutions PS5 [PDF]