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Biophysics of Macromolecules – Lecture Notes

LECTURE NOTES "Biophysics of Macromolecules"

Di 8.4.     Introduction to bio-macromolecules  (JL/JR)
               Slides: [PDF, with password]

Do 10.4.  Basics of physical interactions of macromolecules (JL)
Slides: [PDF, with password]

Di 15.4.   Protein folding - hydrophobic collapse (JR)
Slides: [PDF, with password] 

Do 17.4. Holiday

Di 22.4.  Holiday

Do 24.4.  Protein-ligand interactions, binding equilibria, and cooperativity (JL)
               Slides: [PDF, with password]

Di 29.4    Nucleic Acids: RNA in the central dogma and beyond (JL)
 Slides: [PDF, with password]; Video about RNA interference: [Link] 

Do 1.5.   Holiday

Di 6.5       Small angle X-ray scattering & nucleic acid electrostatics (JL)
Slides: [PDF, with password];
                Poisson-Boltzmann derivation for charged plane: [PDF] 

Do 8.5.     Polymerphysics (JR)
Slides: [PDF]

Di 13.5.    Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy & polymer physics (JL)
Slides: [PDF, with password]

Do 15.5.   Single Molecule Techniques (JL,JR)  
                Slides, first part of the lecture: [PDF, with password];
                Slides, second part of the lecture: [PDF, with password]

Di 20.5.    Force and torque spectroscopy & DNA mechanics (JL)
Slides: [PDF, with password] 

Do 22.5.   Dynamic Force Spectroscopy (JR) [pdf]

Di.27.5.    Cytoskeleton filaments and Actin polymerization (JR) [pdf] further literature

Do 29.5.   Holiday 

Di 3.6.       Polymerization force, thermal ratchet, treatmilling (JR) [pdf] lit1, lit2

Do 5.6.       ATP Hydrolysis, Enzymes (Michaelis Menton Kinetics) (JR) [pdf]

Di 10.6.     Holiday 

Do.12.6.      Molecular Motors (introduction and theory) (JR) [pdf] literature

Di 17.6.       Molecular Motors (cytoskeleton motors) (guest lecturer Prof. Veigel) [PDF, with password]

Do. 19.6.     Holiday

Di 24.6.        Life at low Reynolds Numbers (JL)
Slides: [PDF, with password]
                    E.M. Purcell, "Life at Low Reynolds Number" [PDF, with password]
                    Movie about the bacterial flagellum [youtube]

Do 26.6.       Single-molecule torque measurements & the structure of the genome  (JL) 
                    Slides: [PDF, with password]

Di 1.7.          Biophysics "TED TALKS" (Students)  
List with talks:
[pdf with passw.];
Updated list with topics and names
 [PDF, with password])

Do. 3.7.        Biophysics "TED TALKS" (Students)
                    Slides with pointers on how to give talks: [PDF, with password]

TED Talk Slides (for simplicity, we have combined PDFs for all talks in each section):
Fundamentals (Life, DNA, central dogma, etc.): [Combined PDF, with password]
Proteins (Amino acids, Anfinsen, free energy & folding, chaperones, design, MD): [Combined PDF, with password]
Protein-ligand interactions (Basics, drug design, cooperativity & Hill): [Combined PDF, with password]
RNA (Traditional, ribozymes, RNA-interference, RNA world, ions & folding, Poisson-Boltzmann): [Combined PDF, with password] 
Polymer physics (FJC, WLC, SAXS): [Combined PDF, with password]
Single-molecule techniques (AFM, OT): [Combined PDF, with password]


Di 8.7.         Crowded and disordered environments (JR) [pdf with password]

Do 10.7.      Viscoelasticity/Polymer Dynamics   (JR) [pdf with password]
                  - examples from current research: mechanisensitive protein - VWF

Mo / Di 14/15. July       oral exams