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Lecture: Theoretical Biophysics – Materials

Lecture notes

This page provides handwritten notes as well as typed lecture notes. Please note that typed notes may contain additional material and the order in which some of the topics are presented might differ as well.


Supplementary Material

Matlab and Mathematica code

Suggested reading material

The material you find in the books and articles listed below covers some of the material presented in the lecture. You will also find additional information that goes beyond what is discussed in the lecture.

Stochastic processes

Nonlinear dynamics


Journal Literature


The exercises will partially rely on numerics. We have decided to use Wolfram Mathematica for that purpose in this lecture, since the university provides homeuse licenses for all students.
Information about how to obtain a license and the program (Win, Mac, or Linux) can be found here. We expect all students to become acquainted with the following introductory material for the first session of exercise classes:

  •  Read the short "Introduction to patterns" in Mathematica's build-in virtual book (Help -> Virtual Book -> Core Language -> Patterns -> Introduction)