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LabView and Femlab for (Bio)Physicists – Overview

  • Overview

Programming in LabView and Simulating in Comsol Multiphysics (Bio)Physicists. We offer a hands-on course on programming in Labview - e.g. experiment setups - and finite element simulations of partial differential equations with Comsol Multiphysics (aka Femlab).

Time and Location

Friday 10.15-12.00, E7 (Schellingstr. 4)

Course is a "Schlüsselqualifikation" without mark or test. Value: 3CP. Lecture within the Biophysics Program of the Physics Master

-------- Please bring your own Notebook! ---------
Installation of a most recent VirtualBox (Opensource) on your operating system platform (Windows,Mac, Linux) expedites the installation

17.4. Introduction.
Installation of Labview, Useful Preferences,  Image Example.

24.4. AutoIndexing, For-Loops,  Array Operators. (Image Statistics Example)

1.5. Feiertag

 8.5. Image Example, Buttons, Filenames (Load Image example)

15.5. Stack Example, Saving Controls, SubVIs, Saving Clusters, Format into String, Saving VIs, Hierarchy Browser, Fitting Introduction

22.5. Questions. Small computer game (Rocket Game)

29.5. Picking from Array, 2D fit, Error calculation, ODE with Cash-Karp, Fitting Routines

 5.6.  Stripping down complex code, Complex ODE with Labview. ODE and Sinusoidal Fits: do the merge!

12.6. Labview-Hardware: Analog input, output, Digital input, output (Christof Mast).

19.6. Introduction to Igor for plotting (NN).

26.6. Solving ODEs with Matlab: fast course to use the matrix programming language of numerics

 3.7. Femlab, first steps: Wind channel, Stokes Drag of a sphere

10.7. Coupling Navier Stokes and Thermal diffusion: the hot pot example

17.7. Quantum Mechanics, Hydrogen Atom, House insulation


How to get the "Scheine":

Pick them up at the Schellingstraße 4 / 4th floor, see the link for office hours.

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