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Seminar: Physics of Evolution – Übersicht

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Which biophysical processes could lead to the first living systems? How can Darwinian evolution be triggered by nonequilibrium processes? Can we build the strategies of life bottom up in the lab? The minimal requirements for the emergence of an evolutionary dynamics are three processes: replication, mutation, and selection. To maintain the genetic simulation, also a nonequilibrium system is needed. We will discuss recent progress in understanding this phase transition from nonliving to living matter. Topics will include experimental and theoretical treatments.

Informationen zur Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort

Fr. 12.15-14.00
HU123 Schellingstr. 4 (im Keller)

The Seminar is geared towards Masterstudents, however talented, late Bachelorstudents willing to digg deep into more special concepts are also welcome. Papers will focus on recent advances on the topic (last 4 years) and include theoretical treatments and also reviews of experimental methods.

Prof. Dieter Braun
(email: dieter.braun@lmu.de)

Papers and Topics: (ZIP of PDFs)
1. Common origins of RNA, protein and lipid precursors
2. Paradoxes in the Origin of Life
3. Mineral-catalyzed and dry polymerization of RNA
4. From formamide to RNA
5. Origin of Life in Deep-Reaching Tectonic Faults
6. A unified mechanism of nucleobase formation
7. Structural insights into the effects of 2′-5′ linkages on the RNA duplex
8. Abiotic synthesis of RNA in water
9. Highly Efficient Self-Replicating RNA Enzymes
10. Statistics of self-replication
11. Extreme accumulation and polymerization in thermal traps
12. Selective replication in thermal traps
13. Enhancing chemical synthesis in microcompartments
14. Photo-redox conversion of biosynthetic precursors of RNA to those of DNA
15. Growth of fatty acid vesicles
16. Competition and RNA exchange between model protocells


17 Introduction to the Topic and selection of Seminars

24 introduction to thermal traps and the topic


1 Holiday

8 Discussion of Prebiotic Evolution, How to give a Talk

15 Topic 5, David Kittlaus

22 Topic 2, Stephan Kigle

29 Topic 9, Johannes Hochholzer


5 Topic 10, Rong Yang

12 Topic 12, Silvan Streit

19 Topic 15, Jodok Happacher

26 Topic 16, David Muramatsu


3 Talk from John Sutherland (15.30, E7, CeNS Seminar)

10 Discussion Session

17 no seminar

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Dieter Braun