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TVI/TMP-TC2: Cosmology – News


The grades will be submitted to the Prüfungsamt at the end of this week. In order to obtain their certificates, students should bring a filled out "Zeugnis"-form to our secretary Mrs. Wiesbeck-Yonis.

Exam results

The exam has been graded and the results can be found here.

Exam review

The exam review takes place on Tuesday 14.07. at 12:00 - 14:00 s.t. in A450. Alternatively, you may come to Igor Bertan's office (A330, Thersienstrasse 37) by the end of the same week. In either case, please bring your student ID card.

Presentation of the solutions to the exam

The solutions to the exam questions are going to be presented on Monday 13.07. at 14:00 - 16:00 c.t. in A249.

Final exam

09.07.2015 at 8:00 s.t. in A348

For additional information see the Exam folder.

Supplementary lecture

During both the tutorial sessions on 6 July and on 7 July, Prof. Sachs is going to hold one supplementary lecture instead of the tutorials.

Holidays (Pfingsten)

Due to the upcoming holidays (25th and 26th of May), both the tutorial sessions have been cancelled for that week. The discussion of exercise sheet 6 and the handing out of exercise sheet 7 take place the week after (1st and 2nd of June).

Bonus points system

D = maximum possible exam points - exam points achieved;

By presenting the solutions to the exercises during the tutorial sessions you can gather up to 30% of D which eventually will be added to the achieved exam points. The first presentation is worth 16%, the second 8%, the third 4%, and the fourth 2%.

Priority will be given to those students who presented less solutions.

Tutorial sessions

The tutorial sessions start on Monday, 20 April 2015.