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Biophysics of Macromolecules – Tutorial

Topic for "5 min biophysics TED talks": [PDF]
(This list has a lot of suggestions; feel free to propose your own topic, though!)

Tutorials for "Biophysics of Macromolecules" (Übungen zur Vorlesung)

Problem set Solution Hand out Hand in
Problem set 1 [PDF] Solution PS 1 [PDF];

Matlab code to plot the
Lennard-Jones potential
(save as .m file for matlab);

Rahman, Physical Review (1964):
Argon simulations [PDF
April 13 April 20
Problem set 2 [PDF]

Richardson review article 
Biophys. J. (2014) [PDF]
Solution PS 2 April 20 April 27
Problem set 3 [PDF]
Paper by Maeda et al.
NAR 2000 [PDF]
Data from the paper [Excel]
Solution PS 3
Matlab code for Problem 3c)
(save as .m file for matlab)
April 27 May 4
Problem set 4 [PDF] Solution PS 4 [PDF] May 4 May 11
Problem set 5 [PDF] Solution PS 5 [PDF] May 11 May 18
Problem set 6 [PDF] Solution PS 6 [PDF] May 18 June 1
Problem set 7 [PDF]
Data for low loading rate [txt]
Solution PS 7 [PDF]
Matlab code for problem 1
Data from Neuert et al. 2006
Neuert et al. FEBS Lett. 2006 [PDF] 
June 1 June 8