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Seminar: Experimental Methods in Biophysics – Topics

List of seminars "Experimental Methods in Biophysics"

Spreadsheet with speaker names & emails, topics, and contact person for each topic [PDF, with password]

15.4.  Introduction, course informtion, overview of the topics, pointers on how to give talks 
          Slides [PDF, with password]

22.4.   Thoughts on experimental biophysics research
           "SnapShot" overview of single-molecule manipulation techniques by Seol & Neuman [PDF, with password] 
           Principle, development, and capabilities of magnetic torque tweezers (JL) [PDF, with password]
           "Transitions and the challenges of studying single molecules" (DP) [PDF, with password]  

29.4.  4pi & Light Sheet Microscopy

6.5.    Probe-based super resolution micrsocopy

13.5.  AFM - imaging and force spectroscopy

20.5.  X-ray crystallography

27.5.  Optical tweezers

3.6.    Dynamic light scattering 
          Slides [PDF, with password] 

10.6.  TIRF microscopy and binding analysis

17.6.  Thermophoresis

24.6.  DNA sequencing 1: Basic methods, Sanger sequencing, shotgun sequencing

1.7.    Fluorescence-based next generation DNA sequencing
          Slides [PDF, with password] 

8.7.   Other single-molecule next generation DNA sequencing Methods 
         Slides [PDF, with password] 

Original list of topics:

1. Modern methods in fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging:
1.1. Introduction to fluorescence; Abbe limit; confocal and 4pi microscopy
1.2. Illumination-based super resolution methods: STED & structured illumination
1.3. Probe-based super resolution methods 1: STORM, PALM, BLINK, PAINT
1.4. Probe-based super resolution methods 2: BLINK, PAINT, and beyond
1.5. Light sheet microscopy 

2. Single-molecule manipulation approaches:
2.1. AFM imaging
2.2  AFM force spectroscopy and protein folding
2.3. Optical tweezers and molecular motors
2.4. Magnetic tweezers and torque spectroscopy

3. Scattering methods:
3.1. X-ray crystallography: the basic
3.2. MAD/SAD/molecular replacement: the crystallographic phase problem
3.3. Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)
3.4. Reflectometry
3.5. Free-electron lasers and advanced scattering methods

4. Fluctuation based techniques and binding studies
4.1. Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
4.2. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
4.3. Thermophorese
4.4. TIRF single molecule binding kinetics
4.5. Photonic force microscopy

5. Single-cell methods:
5.1. Cell stretcher
5.2. Cells in microstructures
5.3. In-vivo force measurements

6. DNA sequencing:
6.1. The basics: Sanger & shotgun sequencing
6.2. Single-molecule approaches to sequencing