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Seminar: LET – News

Talk by Tobias Ostermayr

Start :  17.07.2015,  14:00 h

Tobias Ostermayr (LMU) will give a talk about Recent experiments at Texas Petawatt using levitating targets.

Talk by Goetz Lehmann and Andreas Kemp

Start :  10.07.2015

Goetz Lehmann will talk about "Plasma based parametric amplification of laser pulses towards the multi-petawatt level". Andreas Kemp will talk about "Absorption of intense, high contrast laser pulses in sharp edged plasma".

Talk by Jens Osterhoff

Start :  03.07.2015

Jens Osterhoff will talk about beam driven plasma wave acceleration.

Talk by Vadim Levchenko

Start :  25.06.2015

Vadim Levchenko, Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics RAS in Moscow, will talk about "Multi-scale Simulation of Laser Plasma Using Computationally Effective Algorithms".

Talk by Wenjun Ma

Start :  05.06.2015

Wenjun Ma will talk about recent experiments done at RAL.

Talk by Bin Liu

Start :  22.05.2015

Bin Liu has won a Humboldt stipend to join the groups of J. Schreiber and H. Ruhl for one year. He will give a talk about his recent work.

Talk by Konstantin Lotov

Start :  08.05.2015

Konstantin Lotov will give a talk about the recent theoretical progress with the AWAKE project at CERN. The AWAKE project addresses ion beam driven wake-field acceleration of electrons and positrons.