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Seminar: Soft Matter and Physics of the Living Cells – Overview

Lecturer:                            Contact:
Prof. Dr. Joachim Rädler       raedler@lmu.de
PD Dr. Bert Nickel                 nickel@lmu.de

Time and place:   Tuesday, 16-18 Uhr (Seminar room LS Rädler, N110)

Credits: 2 SWS = 3 ECTS

Audience: Bachelor and Master students in physics

This seminar addresses topics ranging from soft matter physics to the physics of living cells.  The idea is that a master student and a PhD student will team up to present a topic on two levels; first the master student will introduce the topic on a general level (physics involved) and then the PhD student will present more special aspects from recent literature published.

Credits are awarded based on the quality of the presented talk and participation during the seminar.

List of topics (see also schedule):

I. Molecular Self-Assembly and Surface Functionalization
   The physics of creating micro-arrays. 

II. Mechanical Models of Cell Adhesion

III. Cell Migration and Collective Behavior