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Seminar: Soft Matter and Physics of the Living Cells – Schedule

Soft Matter and Physics of Living Cells

Molecular Self-Assembly and Surface Functionalization
(the physics of micro-array technology) 

14. April : Introduction

21. April : Bert Nickel: Non-covalent forces in self-assembly (hydrogen bond, pi-bonds, Van der Waals bonds)

28. April : Franz Werkmeister: Covalent bonds in surface functionalization: soft lithography, thiols and silanes, maleimid, click chemistry 

05. Mai : Stefan Fischer: Solid phase chemistry and micro-structures, synthetic peptides & nucleic acid, lipid membranes

12. Mai : Hassan Laeschkir, Peter Röttgermann: Grafted Polymers and PEGylation, Alexander DeGennes Model, 

19. Mai : Ida Berts : Hydrophobicity, orthogonal solvents & complex solvents: the water-alcohol-oil phase diagram, droplet biotechnology 

02. Juni: Mira Weisl / Rafal Krzyszton: Osmotic pressure and depletion forces to control self assembly of lipids and protein crystallization

Elastic Models of Cell Adhesion

09. Juni: Marc Eppeler: Vertex Model, tight junctions,  adhesion on micropattern

16. Juni: Ann-Kathrin Wagner, Matthias Zorn: Focal adhesion - traction force microscopy

Cell Migration and Collective Behavior

23. Juni : Christoph Schreiber: Cell motility and persistent random walk, cell motility under confinemant

30. Juni : Alina Fedorchuk: Cell growth, reaction diffusion, homeostatic pressure

07. Juli : Felix Segerer: Glass-like Dynamics of Cells

14. Juli : E. Sackmann (tbc): Actin dynamics in cell migration