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Lecture: Physics of Particle Detectors – Folien zur Vorlesung

Folien zur Vorlesung "Physics of Particle Detectors"

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Complete script of the lecture with topics as listed below (74MB) PDF

Topics Slides Links
1. Overview PDF  
1. Introduction, Motivation PDF  
2. Interaction of particles and matter PDF Tmax, atomic&nuclear properties, derivation of TR
3. Principles of gaseous particle detectors PDF  
4. Principles of liqued particle detectors PDF  
5. Principles of semiconductor detectors PDF  
6. Principles of scintillation detectors PDF  
7. Measurement of ionisation PDF  
8. Electrical signals and signal processing (Intermezzo) PDF  
9. Spatial measurements PDF  
10. Time measurement PDF  
11. Particle Identification PDF  
12. Energy measurement PDF  
13. Momentum measurement PDF  
14. Summary PDF