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Seminar: Physics of Evolution – Übersicht

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Which biophysical processes could lead to the first living systems? How can Darwinian evolution be triggered by nonequilibrium processes? Can we build the strategies of life bottom up in the lab? The minimal requirements for the emergence of an evolutionary dynamics are three processes: replication, mutation, and selection. To maintain the genetic simulation, also a nonequilibrium system is needed. We will discuss recent progress in understanding this phase transition from nonliving to living matter. Topics will include experimental and theoretical treatments.

Informationen zur Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort

Do. 14.15-15.45 KLEINER PHYSIK HÖRSAAL (changed)

The Seminar is geared towards Masterstudents, however talented, late Bachelorstudents willing to digg deep into more special concepts are also welcome. Papers will focus on recent advances on the topic

Prof. Dieter Braun
(email: dieter.braun@lmu.de)

Papers and topics as ZIP

1 gene drive Nat Biotech
1b CRISPR Gene drive
2 Sugars on ice+UV
3 Membranes and pH gradients
4 Pross general theory
5 formamide accumulation
6 Sponer di Mauro (see 12)
7 RNA synthesis revisited
8 XNA catalysis
9 Parts of sutherland chemistry D
9b Parts of sutherland chemistry E
10 Holliger freeze thaw (see 13)
11 Gene dynamics at expanding frontiers
12 di Mauro overview (see 6)
13 in ice evolution of RNAzymes (see 11)
14 coacervates
14b coacervates emulsion droplets
15 chiral molecules interstellar dust
16 sequence selective gelation in a trap
17 scaling laws in evolution
18 Photochemical microscale electrophoresis
19 Diffusiophoresis in dead end channels

Time Slots
14 Introduction to topic and Seminar
21 - no seminar
28 #17 Herraiz
05 - no seminar
12 #15 Seebauer + Ditzel
19 #4 Duda + Volpp
26 - no seminar
02 #11 Sireci
09 #2 (and/or more) Gallistl + Ryu
16 #1 Aschenbrenner + Unterauer
23 #3 Sebastian
30 #12 Klaus + Gruber
07 #19 Thomas Matreux


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