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TVI/TMP: Quantum Field Theory – News

Results of the exam are online

The final results of the exam are online and updated after the review. You can find them here.

Students who objected to publishing their results on the internet can find their final results at the metal locker opposite of room A327 (Theresienstraße 37).

You can collect your Schein starting from Monday, July 25, at Ms. Kurzinger's office (A426).

Exam Review

The exam review takes place on Thursday, July 21 at 14 s.t. in room A318 (Theresienstr. 37). Bring your student ID card with you.

No lecture and tutorial on Pfingstdienstag

There will be no lecture and no tutorial on Tuesday, May 17 (Pfingstdienstag). Students of group A can join any other tutorial in the following days. The corrected solutions will be put in the shelf on the right of the postboxes next to the library.

Bonus point system

The tutorials start on Tuesday, April 26. There will be offered a bonus points system. The grade of a student will be raised of 0.3 if he/she:

  • Passes the final exam.
  • Hands in his/her solution in a reasonable quality for at least half of the exercises. Note that it is not mandatory to hand in the solutions every week. However, every exercise will be graded with a "Yes" or "No", and at the end of the term one needs at least as many "Yes" as half of the total number of the exercises.

A new exercise sheet will be uploaded on Wednesday of every week. Then, one has one week to solve the sheet and hand it in at lastest the next Wednesday at 15:00, starting from April 20 with the first exercise sheet. The solutions will be discussed at the tutorials the week after.

Please put your solutions in the postboxes at the first floor in Theresienstrasse 37, right next to the library. Postbox 36 is for those attending the tutorials A and B and postbox 37 for those attending the tutorials C and D. Please state always the letter of your group on the first sheet.

You can find the corrected solutions either at your tutorial session or, in case you were not present, in the shelf on the right of the postboxes next to the library.