Fakultät für Physik




T_M1 / TV: Advanced Statistical Physics (Statistical Physics II) – Exercises

Exercise sheets

Plaese submit your solutions in teams of two students into the return boxes next to A348 by the due date given on the sheet. Please indicate the number of your exercise group on your submission. Corrected solutions will be handed back to you in the exercise classes or in a separated box next to the return boxes.

Exercise Classes

  • group 1: Wed 8-10 c.t., A 249,
  • group 2: Wed 12-14 c.t., A 348,
  • group 3/4: Thu 8-10 c.t., A 450,
  • group 5: Thu 12-14 c.t., A 249,
  • group 6: Fri 8-10 c.t., A 249,
  • group 7: Fri 12-14 c.t., A 450

Organization of the exercise classes: Marianne Bauer, Felix Kempf, Isabella Krämer, Silke Bergeler