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Biophysics of Macromolecules – Lecture Notes

LECTURE NOTES "Biophysics of Macromolecules"

Di 12.4.   Introduction to bio-macromolecules  [V01.pdf]
               Overview, "the inner life", biophysics: experiments/models/concepts, the ideal chain   

Do 14.4.  Proteins, polypeptides, peptide bond [V02.pdf]
               properties of amino acids, Ramachandra plot      

Protein Structure, Function and Folding

Di 19.4.   Physical interactions of macromolecules [V03.pdf]
               VdW, electrostatics, hydrogenbonds

Do 21.4.  Protein folding  [V04.pdf]
hydrophobic interaction, Afinsen hypothesis

Di 26.4.   Protein folding [V05.pdf]
Kaufmann hypothesis, hydrophobic collapse, HP model 

Do 28.4.  Helix-coil transition [V06.pdf]    
Levinthal paradox, helix coil transistion, MD simulation

Di 3.5.     X-ray crystallography, binding equilibria and cooperativity [V07.pdf]
Myoglobin, Hämoglobin, cooperative binding, X-ray crystallography 

Do 5.5.    Holiday        

Force Spectroscopy & DNA - RNA

Di 10.5.     Dynamic Force Spectroscopy [V08.pdf]
forced unbinding, forced unfolding, force-distance curves, flexible chain

Do 12.5.    DNA mechanics [V09.pdf]
Semiflexible chains & DNA stretching 

Di 17.5.    Holiday 

Do 19.5.    Magnetic Tweezers & RNA [V10.pdf
Force and torque spectroscopy & RNA mechanics

Di.24.5.     Optical Tweezers & DNA [V11.pdf]

Do 26.5.  Holiday

Filaments & Motors

Di 31.5.     Cytoskeleton filaments and Actin polymerization [V12.pdf]

Do 2.6.      Polymerization force, treatmilling [V13.pdf]
 further reading R. Philips: chap. 15

Di 7.6.       Dynamic Instability, Polymerization Ratchet [V14.pdf]
                 further reading R. Philips: chap. 13 & 16.5

Do 9.6.      ATP Hydrolysis, Enzymes (Michaelis Menton Kinetics) [V15.pdf]

Di 14.6.     Molecular Motors (cytoskeleton motors) [V16.pdf]

Do 16.6.    Physics of nucleic acid nanomedicine [V17.pdf]

Complex Macromolecular Solutions

Di 21.6       Rotary Motors / Ciliae / Flagella [V18.pdf]       

Do 23.6.    Crowded and disordered environments    

Di 28.6.     Physics of Myosin Motors (guest lecture by Prof. C. Veigl)

Do 30.6.    exercises

Di 5.7.    KLAUSUR          

Do 7.7.     no lecture

Di 12.6.    DNA Nanotechnology 

Do 14.7.   Nanoagents