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TMP-TC2: QFT in Curved Space – News


Once you are satisfied with your grade for the course, please print and fill out the "Schein," which can be downloaded at


Please submit the completed the form to the secretary Herta Wiesbeck-Yonis in room 327, or leave it in the box outside her office door.

Exam Results

The exams have been scored and the tutorial bonuses tallied. The exam results can be found here, and the solutions here. If students see problems with their matriculation numbers or tutorial bonus, please email T. Erler. Students who wish to inspect their exam should see one of the tutors before August 12th, when the results will be submitted to the appropriate institutional authorities. 

Final Lecture

On the final day of lecture (8 July 2016) Prof. Mukhanov will be absent, and T. Erler will discuss symmetry restoration in the early universe.

Final Tutorial

In the final week of lecture (4-8 July 2016) the tutorial sessions on Monday and Tuesday are cancelled. On Thursday we will review problem sheet 4, which was missed earlier due to holidays.


The final exam will be held on the final day of Mukhanov's lecture, Friday at 2pm 15th of July 2016. As confirmed by Mukhanov, students will be allowed to take any hand-written materials with them into the exam.

Exam Date Schedule

We need to fix a date for the exam. Posted outside of T. Erler's office is a list of dates from July 11-July 22 when the exam might be scheduled. This includes Friday 15th of July, which is Prof. Mukhanov's final scheduled lecture. Please mark dates where you have other scheduled exams, or dates where you cannot attend, with an (X). Dates where you would prefer not to take the exam should be marked with an X. Please, only one X or (X) per student per day.

Please mark your preferences before the afternoon of Thursday, June 9th.

May Holidays

There are holidays on Monday and Tuesday 16-17 May. Therefore groups 1 and 2 will be cancelled on these dates. On Thursday 12 May, Paul will cover exercise sheet 2 to make up for the previous holiday on Thursday 5 May. The tutorial on Thursday 19 May will still meet, and Ted will discuss excercise sheet 3.


There is a sign problem in the Bogoliubov transformation on excercise sheet 3. The typo has now been fixed.


Note that group 2 tutorials are on Tuesdays 12-2, despite typo on Sheet 1 which has now been corrected.

Topic of the Course

By vote or Mukhanov's preference, the subject of the course will be QFT in curved spaces, though there may be some cosmology worked into the lectures as well.


Tutorials will begin on the week of Monday April 25th.