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Science with electronics – Übersicht

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A one week lab course for master students (3 ECTS)


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Zeit und Ort

from March 6 to March 10 (full day 9am to 6pm)
Oettingenstrasse 67
D005 & D006

Design of new instruments is at the heart of experimental physics. In this course, you train basic skills to employ electronics for measurement and control of scientific apparatus. For this purpose, we have installed a new electronics lab for students. Here you learn how to use standard tools such as oscilloscopes, breadboards, microprocessors (Arduino), voltmeters, and so on to test electronics components and to integrate them in an experimental setup. The main part is a one week lab class in the new students electronics lab. Here, you disintegrate a CD drive, characterize its components (motors, laser diode, photodetector) and wire it up to build your own little x-y laser scanner controlled by an Arduino.

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