Fakultät für Physik




– Zeitplan

Date Topic Lecturer
24.4. Introduction, Software, overview of topics Schreiber/Ostermayr
1.5. Feiertag
8.5. High power lasers, Laser beam propagation, laser beam delivery, laser induced damage, laser focusing + diagnostics Kreuzer
15.5. Basic concepts of laser-plasma interaction Ostermayr
22.5. Laser ion acceleration Ostermayr
29.5. Laser wakefield acceleration, betatrons, Thomson backscatter, future colliders, electron driven wakefields Gilljohann
5.6. Feiertag
12.6. Targets for laser electron/ion acceleration: fabrication and measurement Kreuzer
19.6. Temporal laser contrast, laser damage threshold of nano-targets, autocorrelation measurements, pump-probe measurements, holography/interferometry Haffa
26.6. Particle optics for laser-driven sources (Leemans, Kuschel, solenoids, quadrupoles, etc.) and applications (neutron generation, imaging, radiotherapy, stopping of fast particles in wakefields)


Rösch, Englbrecht, Ostermayr
3.7. Detection of laser accelerated particles, from passive old-school detectors to electronic online approaches (CMOS) and the renewed interest in forgotten techniques (ionoacoustics) Ostermayr, Lindner, Lehrack
10.7. Numerical approaches to laser-plasma physics Pauw
17.7. Talks/Term project presentation
24.7. Labvisit CALA Garching / spare-week in case one of the lectures needs more time than just 1.5h.