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TMP-TC2: Cosmology – Tutorials

Exercise sheets

Important note about tutorials in July

19th: Handed in questions will be discussed. For that purpose please hand in questions regarding the lecture and tutorials via Email to one of the tutors.

21th: No tutorial.

26th, 28th: Exam review.

General information

The following tutorials are offered:

A: Wednesdays 08:00 - 10:00 B 101
B: Fridays 08:00 - 10:00 A 449

Starting date: 03.05.2017


Tutorial Bonus

Students are expected to work out solutions to the posted exercises before attending tutorials. To provide some motivation, the tutors will ask for volunteers to present exercise solutions in the tutorial session, and willing participants will be rewarded a bonus on top of their final exam score. The presentations themselves will not be scored, though the tutors reserve the right to withhold credit from presentations which display truly egregious incompetence. The bonus will be calculated with the following sophisticated formula:

Total score = Exam score + 32% * (1 - 1/2^N ) * (1 - (Exam score) / (100%) )

where N refers to the total number of times the student presents a solution in the tutorial. This formula is designed to reward students who would most benefit from preseting solutions. In particular, the largest bonus is awarded for the first presented solution, and following presentations earn half the bonus of the previous one. In addition, geniuses who expect to score 100% on the exam can relax since the bonus would have negligible effect on their total score. The tutors will ask for the student's name before every presentation to keep a tally of the bonus. Note that the relation between the total score and the final grade for the course may be appropriately adjusted depending on the performance of the class as a whole.