Fakultät für Physik




T_M1 / TV: Advanced Statistical Physics (Statistical Physics II) – Exam


  • Wednesday, 02/08/2017 10.00 - 14.00
  • Rooms: N120 and M218

Second Exam

  • Thursday, 21/09/2017, 08.00-12.00
  • Rooms: Audimax, B101 and B201 (main building)

Rules for the exam

  • Everyone who sat the first exam (i.e. everyone who was physically present), or can provide proof that they were sick at this date, is allowed to sit the repetition exam. If a student passes both exams, the better grade will count. The Bonus from the exercises only counts for the first exam which the student attempts. This means that in the repetition exam, the Bonus will only count towards the grade for students who were sick at the first exam. Still, sickness has to be testified by a written certificate from a doctor. If you start the exam, you implicitly confirm that you are fit enough to take it, i.e. are not sick.