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T_M1 / TV: Advanced Statistical Physics (Statistical Physics II) – Exercises

Exercise sheets

Tutorial sheets

To be solved together with the Tutors during the exercise classes.

On Thursday May, 25, there is a public holiday. Please choose one of he Wednesday or Friday classes instead.

Central Exercise

Beginning: 03/05/2017

  • Wed 14-16 c.t., Theresienstr. 37, A 348,

Exercise Classes

Beginning: 26/04/2017

Organization of Exercises

  • Resposible for exercise sheets and the organization of the exercises are: Jonas Denk, Andriy Goychuck, Philipp Geiger and  Felix Kempf. If you have questions or encounter problems, please contact one of us.
  • Registration for Exercise Classes: Please register via LSF.  Registration is open now until 25/04/2017, 18.00 Afterwards you will be notified about your class such that exercise classes can start as planned on 26/04/2017. If you are not happy with the result, please contact us. Registering early does NOT bring an advantage.
  • Exercise sheets: There will be an exercise sheet issued on this website every Wednesday, starting on 26/04/2017. You should prepare solutions in teams of two students and hand them into the return boxes next to A348 or hand them in in person by the due date given on the sheet (usually it will Wednesday 14.00 one week later which means that you can also hand them in at the beginning of the central exercise). Please indicate your names and immatriculation numbers and the number of your exercise group on your submission. Solutions will be corrected by the Tutors and then handed back to you in the exercise classes or in a separated box next to the return boxes. A solution will be presented to you in the central exercise, there wil be NO solutions available online. There will also be a bonus system: Good/ almost complete solutions get marked with an 'A‘, less good solutions with a ‚B‘, insufficient solutions with a 'C‘. If you collect enough As and Bs you can improve your grade in the exam. So there are two very good reasons to solve the sheets: The fact that it is very unlikely to pass the exam without doing so and the bonus system.
  • Exercise classes: In the exercise classes there will be additional small exercises you will do with the help of your Tutor during the class. Those will be published online and you should print them and bring them to the exercise classes (or have them on your phone or whatsoever), but you do NOT need to prepare them beforehand. These small exercises are meant to help you to understand what has been covered in the lecture and to make it easier for you to attack the exercise sheet. Also you can ask questions concerning older exercise sheets or other things you do not understand in the class.