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Biophysics of Macromolecules – Overview

UPDATE: The final grades are online - see "Final exam results and solutions" below!

Lecturers:                           Contact: 

Prof. Dr. Ralf Jungmann         jungmann@lmu.de
Prof. Dr. Jan Lipfert               jan.lipfert@lmu.de

Time and place:

  • Tuesdays 10:15 - 12:00 (Kleiner Physik-Hörsaal, N020)
  • Thursdays 12:15 - 14:00 (Kleiner Physik-Hörsaal, N020)


Biophysics TED talks:


Bonus points from TED talks and problems sets:

  • List with bonus points [PDF, with password]
  • The second column "Bonus PS + Vorechnen" has the combined bonus points from the problems sets and from doing problems in class.
  • For the problem sets, the bonus was as follows (out of 34 total):  < 10 => 0 bonus points;  25 or more => 10 points; between 10 and 25 => between 0 and 10 bonus points, linearly mapped.
  • One bonus point for each problem done on the board in class.
  • Up to 10 bonus points for the TED talks. If you have send me your talk, you should have received feedback by email.
  • All bonus points will be added to the final exam score to determine the final grade.

Final exam:

Monday, July 31, 2017, 10:00 - 12:00  (Kleiner Physik-Hörsaal, N020)

For the final, please bring 

  • A picture ID 
  • A calculator (can be a graphic calculator, but no smart phone or computer)
  • One A4 sheet, front and back, with notes, formulae, etc. ("Spickzettel")

Final exam results and solutions:

  • Final exam results [PDF] (Grade = 7.0 means "did not take the final exam")
  • "Scheine" will be available for pick up from September 11, 2017 on in Sylvia Kreuzer's office, LS Gaub, Amalienstr. 54, first floor.
  • Final exam [PDF]
  • Solutions ("Musterlösung") to problems 1-5 [PDF
  • Additional plots for the solutions to problem 3 & 4 [PDF]

Credits: 4 SWS = 6 ECTS 


  • Phillips, Kondev and Theriot "Physical Biology of the Cell"
  • Jonathon Howard "Mechanics of Motor Proteins and the Cytoskeleton"
  • Sackmann and Merkel "Lehrbuch der Biophysik" (in German) [http://www.biophy.de/]
  • Alberts et al. "Molecular Biology of the Cell"
  • Nelson "Biological Physics"