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Seminar: Detectors for Particle Radiation – Overview

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Time and place

Tuesday, 14 c.t., H206, Schellingstr. 4
Introduction & Distribution of topics: 25.4.
Begin: 2.5.

Presentations in the Seminar "Detectors for Particle Radiation"

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Date Speaker Topic
25.04. O.Biebel Introduction and Allocation of Topics
02.05. I.Stüwe,         F.Vogel ATLAS Muon Spectrometer
Bethe-Bloch-Formula & Proportional Counter
   spec.Literature: ATLAS MUON TDR
09.05. M.Chatterjee, L.Hädrich ATLAS Silicon Detectors:
Semiconductor Detectors (Strips, Pixels)
  spec.Literature: ATLAS INNER Detector TDR , ATLAS Pixel Detector TDR
16.05. G.Rodrigues, A.Singldinger ATLAS TRT Detector:
Cherenkov Effect, Transition Radiation & Particle Identification
  spec.Literature: ATLAS INNER Detector TDR
23.05. S.Trost,          P.Wesp,       B.Högl ATLAS & CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter:
Bremsstrahlung, Radiation length, Liquid Ionization Counter, Crystalline Scintillators, Photon detection, Electromagnetic Shower, Homogeneous & Sampling Calorimeters
  spec.Literature: ATLAS Liquid-Argon Calorimeter TDR, CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter TDR
30.05. [frei]
06.06.   [frei - Pfingstdienstag]
13.06. B.Haser, P.Kulosik ATLAS Hadronic Calorimeter:
Neutron detection & Plastic Scintillator Detectors
  spec.Literature: ATLAS Tile Calorimeter TDR
20.06. C.Jagfeld, P.Aydiner ATLAS Trigger Detectors:
Resistive Plate Chambers, Thin Gap Chambers, Trigger Electronics
  spec.Literature: ATLAS Muon Detector TDR
27.06. K.H.Choi,   C.Y.Leung ALICE:
Particle Tracking and Identification
  spec.Literature: ALICE Time Projection Chamber TDR, ALICE Transition Radiation Detector, ALICE Time-Of-Flight TDR
04.07. K.Kaiser, S.Stock Superkamiokande, SNO, Opera, etc.
Detection & Measurement of Neutrinos: Principles and Non-Accelerator Experiments
11.07. S.McCarney,

Superkamiokande, SNO, Opera, etc.
Detection & Measurement of Neutrinos:
Accelerator Experiments
CRESST, CDMS, Gerda, etc.:
Detectors for Rare Events
18.07. A.Fochi,           L.Yi CAST, IAXO, AMS, XMM-Newton, Air showers, etc.:
Detectors for Astroparticle Physics: Air showers and Axion detectors, X-ray imaging on satellites
25.07. P.Erdödy,        A.Mayr Medical & Material Imaging, Radio protection, etc.:
Detectors for Medical Applications: Dosimetry, Films

(*) preliminary solution for the date with three assigned speakers: talks will be split such that one seminar presentations on 04.07. will overrun to 11.07. so that a seminar date is filled with no more than two presentations.

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