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TVI/TMP-TE1: Soft Matter Physics – Exercises

Exercise sheets

Feedback on the difficulty of the exercise sheets is much appreciated.
Please write your suggestions/considerations at the end of your solution sheet.

Exercise Classes

Exercise classes will be held weekly and organized in the following groups (modifications may apply depending on the number of students):

  • Tuesday 16-18, (B 139, Theresienstr. 39 )
  • Thursday 8 – 10, (A248)

News: There is no more tutorial on Wednesday

Please register to the exercise classes online on the Vorlesungsverzeichnis LSF

Organization of the exercise sheets: Emanuel Reithmann, David Brückner, Federico Gnesotto, Timo Krüger

Tutors: Federica Mura, Raphaela Geßele, Karsten Miermans

  • Please register for the tutorials at this link until the 7th of May.