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TVI/TMP: Topology in Condensed Matter Physics – Lecture notes

Notes in pdf format can be downloaded here after each lecture:

Date PDF Topics
25.4. lec1 Intro
27.4. lec2 topological defects, XY-model
2.5. lec3 vortices, KT transition
4.5. lec4 KT cont'd, 2d Coulomb gas
9.5. lec5 particle-vortex duality
11.5. lec6 Berry phase, Chern number
16.5. lec7 Bloch bands & Berry phases
18.5. lec8 TKNN, Dirac fermions
23.5. lec9 Haldane model, top. insulators
30.5. lec10 Kane-mele model, edge states
1.6. lec11 bulk-boundary corresp., Z2 invariant, 3d TI's
8.6. lec12 TI periodic table
13.6. lec13 Weyl semi-metals
20.6. lec14 RVB
22.6. lec15 toric code
27.6. lec16 Z2 lattice gauge theory, slave bosons
29.6. lec17 slave boson mean-field theory
4.7. lec18 fluctuations, emergent photons
6.7. lec19 transition between U(1) and Z2 SL: Higgs
11.7. lec20 Kitaev's honeycomb model
13.7. lec21 Kitaev's honeycomb cont'd
18.7. lec22 non-abelian anyons
20.7. lec23 anyons cont'd, Chern-Simons
25.7. lec24 K-matrix theory